Trullo Essenza

Recovered from the civilization of the stone, fired by the fumes, concentrated of the rural experiences,
steeped in Puglia and Puglia, the cone structure of the 1800 that today houses Trulli Antì is original
and renovated according to the traditional canons, furnished with antiques.
It brings within the colors of Puglia with an essential style.



It maintains a central position, in the heart of the Capital of Trulli, a step away from all tourist services and more.
At the same time it maintains its own space and its own privacy, enclosed there in that corner of Alberobello,
so far from everyone, so close to everyone.

It consists of a single room of 60 square meters with three beds and a dining area and an outdoor area.

The outdoor area

Perfect for evening relaxation, perfect for those looking for a little cool in summer. A door to nature.
From Trulli Antì, with a single step, to a green garden in total privacy.