Trulli Antì is our home.
The dream before and after the project of a couple from Puglia who made the journey and embrace their passion.
With the desire to visit and the desire, just as strong, to host.


When an idea is born

After visiting many facilities on our travels, in 2016 we discovered this corner of Alberobello.
And we dreamed of giving back to everyone, virtually, the hospitality received.


Our home, your home

So we decided to make Trulli Antì come true, imagining and putting in it everything we have always dreamed of, from travelers.
We have thus collected all our experiences and concentrated them in one place: in what is our home and,
we hope, it can also become your home.

About us

Stay in a luxury trulli
Best of all, it’s easy to find a trulli to spend a couple of nights. Their domed roofs and sloping walls now mostly bear a coat of render. Nevertheless, there’s still something enchanting about sleeping inside one. Travellers seeking a luxury trulli could consider Trulli Anti. …read more