A tribute to the trip

There are places that are loved more than others.
There are places that more than others know how to be loved.
Our experience of travelers, our predisposition to hospitality.
Trulli Antì, in the center of Alberobello.

Charm, relaxation, vacation.
Choose your ideal environment for a truly immersive experience in the heart of Puglia.

I trulli

We thought Trulli Antì with the aim of achieving what we dreamed of by travelers,
ideally to restore happiness to all those who hosted us.


Discover the structure


A trullo, a garden. In the center, but in a corner that still guarantees total privacy
and silence. What you need for a holiday one step away from everything, reserved and detached from everyone.
A unique space overlooking the trulli.



Discover the routes!


The green of nature, of the trees. The blue of the sky, of the horizon. The brown of the earth,
of tradition, of

Colors that will stay in after your weekend in Puglia, your holiday in Alberobello.
At the center of the trulli, structures with incredible charm. Real stories in your story. A few km from the sea of
Monopoli, Polignano and Fasano, a few km from the caves of Castellana, in the middle of the Valle d’Itria with the landscapes
equally beautiful of Cisternino, Locorotondo and Martina.